Acute & Primary Care

Acute and Primary Care Appointments (in person and telehealth)

  • Appointments for preventative, acute, and primary care services.
  • Referrals to Specialists for continuation of medical care when warranted.
  • Imaging Orders provided when needed.
  • Telehealth video appointments is a provided service; however, at times certain appointments will require an in-person visit.  Onsite reserves the right to set discretionary guidelines for situations that require in-person visits.


  • We DO NOT provide any assistance with Bariatric issues and do not participate in completion of forms, weigh-in’s, or any requirements for Bariatric issues at this time. 
  • We DO NOT participate in Daycare employee physicals, as this should be attributed to the Daycare that is asking for an employee physical to be performed.
  • We DO NOT participate in workplace physicals for workplaces other than CMCSS or Clarksville-Montgomery County (Onsite is a benefit for all employees in the workplace provided by CMCSS and Clarksville-Montgomery County's Employee Insurance Trust.)