Infusion Services

Infusion Services

At Onsite, we offer Infusion Services to patients that have conditions that require the use of specialty medications through intravenous (IV) administration. Our highly skilled team of nurses and providers work together to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

We understand that receiving infusion therapy can be a stressful experience for patients and their families. That's why we put a strong emphasis on patient comfort and convenience.

Our infusion center is equipped with comfortable chairs, a television, and access to Wi-Fi to help patients relax during their treatment. Our goal is not only to provide top-quality infusion therapy but also to support and improve the psychological well-being of our patients.

We offer a range of supportive services, including counseling, and educational resources to ensure that our patients receive comprehensive care.  Any person covered by our work health insurance plan can use any Onsite services without cost.  This includes allergy shots, lab visits, telehealth video visits, infusion services, and services provided by the Onsite Counselor.

In summary, Onsite is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality infusion therapy in a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary environment that prioritizes comfort, convenience, and emotional support.