Onsite Employee Health and Wellness- call us at (931) 906-2001

Onsite Employee Health and Wellness thrives to maintain the health and safety of our patients and staff. At this time we are asking for your cooperation with appointment scheduling. We are offering a variety of accommodations to ensure we meet standards set by the CDC and authorities as well as meeting your health care needs. We will not refuse care to our patients but will operate according to these standards. 
Please only seek appointments if absolutely needed. We encourage you to schedule well visits, physicals and appointments of that nature at a later date.
We are requesting telemedicine appointments be scheduled for our patients at this time if possible. Please call the office and our staff will be happy to set these up and answer any questions you may have.
When scheduling your appointment, it is imperative that you communicate to our staff if you have been exposed/tested or have pending tests for the COVID-19 virus so that we can make sure everyone is protected and you are cared for properly. 
Please DO NOT enter our clinics if you are not well. Please call the clinic at (931) 906-2001 and we will help you get the care you need.
As always, we appreciate your support during this time. This is a time that we all need to come together as a community and we are here for you and your health.  Thank you for all that you do for CMCSS and for Montgomery County!


Onsite strives to provide the most quality, efficient, and economical clinical services to our patients. In order to do this, we have recently updated our process for scheduling visits with outside lab orders (orders issued by non-Onsite clinic medical office providers).

Effectively immediately, our clinic will no longer perform immediate outside lab orders without prior review from our clinical staff.  If you have an outside lab order that needs to be completed with Onsite, you will need to proceed with the following process:

  • Prior to scheduling your appointment, you may either bring the lab order to the main Onsite clinic location or fax it to us at 931-648-5618. 
  • Once received, the lab orders will be reviewed by our clinical staff and the patient will receive a call from one of our clinical team members to schedule an appointment.

Our new and updated Outside lab order review process allows for the proper testing requirements and also confirmation of information that is necessary for the transmission of information to your requesting medical facility. 

We will do our absolute best to accommodate your timeline and schedule for outside lab work.

Please note: 

There will be no guarantee of same-day appointments with this process.  Once approved, we will complete the outside lab order as soon as possible.  Please note our new Onsite clinic policy and after the labs have been drawn, be sure to allow 5-7 days for lab result processing. 

Thank you for your patience and for allowing us to provide you with the very best care!


Who can be seen at Onsite Employee Health and Wellness?

  • All employees of CMCSS or County Employees who are eligible for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance offered through CMCSS/County.
  • Spouses and children that are covered under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance offered through CMCSS/County.

What about insurance & cost?

  • We only accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance offered through the CMCSS/County Insurance Trust. Only family members that are covered under the trust can be seen at the clinic. There is NO COST for services rendered at Onsite.
  • Employees who are not enrolled with the insurance can still use the clinic with a visit fee of $40 via a payroll deduction. Please note that there may be additional fees for testing, labs, and/or medication.

Important Policies:

  • Late Policy: If a patient does not arrive within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment time, they will be required to reschedule and will receive a $20 NO SHOW / LATE FEE. This fee applies even when the appointment is rescheduled to a different time or date. This fee will be deducted from the subscriber’s payroll.  
  • Cancellation Policy: Onsite asks that its patients to call in order to cancel their appointment at a minimum of TWO hours before the appointment. Failure to call prior than 2 hours to your appointment will result in a $20 NO SHOW / LATE fee. This will also be deducted from the employee’s payroll. To cancel your appointment you can call the clinic at (931) 906-2001.  For After hour cancellations,   Please call (931) 906-2001 and leave a message when prompted in the cancellation mailbox. 
  • All texts, emails, and telephone calls are a courtesy to the patient. The patient is always ultimately responsible for the scheduling / cancellation of their appointment. 
  • We ask that all patients to arrive ten minutes prior to their appointment in order to complete any required paperwork.
  • Please contact Sharla Smith at sharla.smith@cmcss.net for any questions about NO SHOW / LATE FEE policy issues.  All items / questions regarding this policy will be handled via email only.  


  • Staff Meeting times (times vary- please call 931-906-2001 for further information)
  • Wednesday, January 1 
  • Friday, April 10
  • Monday, April 13
  • Monday, May 25